Lovely words from our clients

Jed and Renee

Utterly incredible. Matt convinced me that I would want a video for our wedding, and he couldn't have been more right. Who hasn't sat through dreary hours of other people's wedding videos? Who hasn't thought: "please, let it end"? No one said that about our wedding video. Everyone, literally EVERYONE loved it, was in awe of it, and watched it multiple times. A video. About a wedding. My mother basically became a film critic she played and replayed it so often. It is one of the most beautiful and treasured things about an unforgettable day, and Matt's grace, ease, and deep kindness made everyone feel comfortable. I have no idea how he does it. I barely saw him the whole day, and then he presents me with the most exquisite gift in the form of a video. Don't think. Just ask him to do your wedding. Or event. Seriously.


Hands down the best thing we spent our money on! We couldn't be happier with the incredible video Matthew made for our wedding. He absolutely NAILED IT! Make sure you get him for your own wedding our you will regret it.


Our wedding footage was amazing! Edited brilliantly. Captured our day so beautifully. I can't recommend high enough!