Sydney Wedding Cinematography

Welcome to Wed In Motion.

My weddings are films with heart, filled with people who deeply love, and who want to remember their day the way it was lived, with all of the humour, spirit, colour, movement and sound. They’re made to be watched over and over again.

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Videographer, Storyteller, Film-Maker or Producer.
I'm always undecided about what to call the profession that I do, but one thing is for sure. I love what I do.
I make films, crafting personal stories to be rewatched for years and years that I know are going to evoke the feelings, the beauty and the atmosphere of the day they were shot

I'm Matthew and you know what I love most? That your love is worth making stories about.
It might be for your family, your friends, your soon-to-be family or just for you.
I hand make genuine and thoughtful small films.

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